Membership Policy


Membership Guidelines

Prospective members will be required to complete and submit an online application for membership via the “Register” link on the PIA Virtual website after receiving the invitation code, within 7 days from invitation date otherwise invitation will be expired.
Applications must be completed according to the instructions, rules and regulations located on the application and on this webpage.
PIA Virtual's management reserves the rights to accept/reject the submitted applications, with or without defining the reason of acceptance/rejection. 


Pilot Profile & Contact Details

It is the responsibility of applicant to ensure that all details entered during registration are correct.
Applicant shall enter REAL NAME and a valid E-MAIL address during registration process.
Applicant after successful account activation, always ensure to keep up-to-date contact information in Crew Center at PIA Virtual.

If PIA Virtual’s management needs to contact you regarding a PIREP or other issue, they will utilize the email that is listed on your profile. If an attempted email receives a “Mail Delivery Subsystem” bounce back, and is not contacted by the pilot, PIAv retains the right to suspend the member. Continued failure to update the contact email may lead to termination. 

Transfer of Hours

New members are allowed to transfer logged hours at other virtual airline or from VATSIM. There is a limit to the hours transferred to a pilot’s PIAv profile, but the hours should:

Be submitted along with the application for registration
Hours must be verifiable through a direct link by our Membership department. In the comments section of your application, please indicate the organization you flew with to accumulate those hours and submit a direct link to a roster page that shows your full name and hours earned.
Upto a maximum of 150 Hours only combined from other VA / VATSIM will be transferred.
Crew may submit previous logged hours within 14 days from hiring date at PIA Virtual.
Submitted hours after that period will be rejected.

Multiple Virtual Airliness

Pakistan International Airlines Virtual allows its pilots to maintain relationships with as many virtual airlines as they desire, however they must meet all minimum requirements for continued employment with PIA Virtual.

However, filing PIREPs for one flight amongst several Virtual Airlines is strictly prohibited. Should this behavior be noticed, the pilot maybe terminated at the discretion of management.
Pilot at PIA Virtual is not allowed to be staff at any other virtual airline.


Initial PIREP and Minimum Flight Requirements

All new pilots are required to submit their 1st flight report (PIREP) within the 14 days of their membership activation/resumption date i.e. within probationary period. If a crew fails to file a PIREP within specified time, they will be notified and required to justify with reason for not submitting the PIREP. If they fail to justify with a proper reason, their account will be suspended/services will be terminated. 

During this probationary period, crew is not allowed to file for a Leave of Absence (LOA), so crew MUST fly a flight within the probationary period.

To remain active and prevent a termination warning, all pilots/staff must fly 3 flights per month. Failure to meet this flight requirement will lead to a termination warning. If this happens, a pilot has 7 days to file a PIREP to void termination warning and after filing PIREP, can file Leave of Absence (LOA) from the Pilot Centre.


Leave of Absence (LOA)

All personnel have the right to file for a Leave of Absence (LoA) should they be unable to meet the minimum flight requirements as explained above. To do so, you may file a Leave of Absence from your Pilot Centre. When you are requesting a Leave of Absence, please make clear its anticipated duration and the reasons you cannot meet the minimum flight requirement.

LOA can be filed for a maximum period of 30 days.

Please note, during a Leave of Absence, you are NOT allowed to fly/file a PIREP at PIA Virtual.

Once your leave is complete, please contact Director Flight Operations, who will ensure that your account is reactivated and all pilot privileges are restored in a timely manner.


Conflict Resolution

In the event that a member should find himself in conflict with another member of PIA Virtual or any PIAv staff member, the member should utilize the following chain, in the order listed, to resolve the situation: 

  • Director Flight Operations
  • Managing Director
  • Vice Chairman
  • Chairman

Members are expected to enter the conflict resolution process in accordance with the following chain of communication (this is based on whom the member is in conflict with).

If you are in conflict with: 

  • Another member or Administrative Staff (non-executive), contact the Director Flight Operations, email dfo[at]
  • The Director Flight Operations, contact the Managing Director, email md[at]
  • The Managing Director, contact the Vice Chairman, email v.chairman[at]
  • The Vice Chairman, contact the Chairman, email chairman[at]

You may contact all the aforementioned on their PIA Virtual staff ID emails.


Removal for Inactivity 

Any pilot not complying with the rules set forth in Initial PIREP and Minimum Flight Requirements stated above is subject to removal from the roster for inactivity at the discretion of PIA Virtual's administration.

The following process will be used to remove a pilot from the roster. 

  • The administration will email a “warning letter” to the pilot informing them that they have not met the VA requirement and will issue them no more than seven (7) days to meet the requirement.
  • When the pilot fails to comply/respond to the email, the administration will remove the pilot from the PIA Virtual roster and send a removal email to the pilot notifying them of the action and the reasons for the removal.

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