Flight Operations Policy

All pilots ensure to follow the flight log policy without any exception while commencing a flight at PIA Virtual to get their PIREPs accepted rather than getting rejected:


Version 1.3 Last Update 26th Feb 2017 2335z



  • 1st PIREP should be logged at PIA Virtual within 2 weeks from new account activation / ex account resumption date unless otherwise advised by Flight Operations department on discretion of Director Flight Operations.
  • A minimum of 3 PIREPs per month should be logged at VA irrespective of flight endurance. Failure to do so will result in suspension of account for 15 days and 2nd reoccurrence will result in termination of service on permanent basis.
  • Landing gears / flaps once retracted after departure shall not be deployed until the aircraft is on approach.
  • Pilot shall fly the mentioned equipment as per the assigned equipment in respective flight schedule or as per sustitute aircraft defined in vRanks page.
  • The log should record cruise, descend & approach phases which is possible only if the pilot flies the same cruise level as set in smartCARS PIAv prior of starting flight log.  In case of missing cruise altitude, pilot has to provide the VATAWARE link as justification for cruise level record.
  • When flying online on VATSIM network for PIAv, pilot is not allowed to use any other callsign format than PIAxxxx i.e. PIA101, PIA1787, etc.
  • Pilot cannot log same flight through multiple logging softwares at different VAs, if any occurrence noticed will result in suspension or termination of service.


  • Every flight shall be commenced from a designated gate/parking stand and should end at a gate/parking stand.
  • Before start logging flight through smartCARS PIAv, pilot should ensure that the engines are off & parking brakes are set.

Trip Fuel

  • While planning flight, please do not proceed with full fuel tanks loaded by default in most of aircraft on startup.  Always check required fuel for the trip with possible alternative/diversion through available freeware or payware tools.  Some of freeware tools are http://www.piavirtual.org/PIA/index.php/flightplanner or http://www.simbrief.com or http://fuelplanner.com
  • Fueling should be completed at gate/parking stand before pushback/startup.
  • Refueling at any later phase of flight is not allowed, any occurrence will result in rejection of PIREP.


  • Taxi speed should not exceed 30 knots ground speed (GS) unless otherwise advised by ATC discretion to exceed.


  • Takeoff to be commenced as per the V speeds calculated by your aircraft's Flight Management Computer (FMC) or Flight Management System (FMS) or if you are good at manual calculations.
  • Landing gears should be retracted before reaching Maximum Landing Gear Operating speed (VLO).
  • Flaps should be retracted as soon as Minimum Clean Speed (MCS) is reached.


  • As soon as you reach Cruise level, ensure smartCARS PIAv has logged your cruise level in PIREP log.
  • Always watch your instruments during Cruise level.
  • Over speed (VNE) during cruise, shall be rectified within 3 minutes.



  • Follow the FMC/FMS for Top of Descend (T/D) or as per advised by ATC.
  • As soon as you initiate descend, smartCARS PIAv will log your descend initiated time.



  • Follow your instrument religiously during approach phase of flight.
  • Strongly monitor your speed as during approach stall threshold is reduced.
  • Follow your STAR or instructions as advised by ATC.



  • Landing rate upto -600 fpm is acceptable, and we classify the landing rate as follows:

-1 fpm to -100 fpm will be greased / excellent landing

-100 fpm to -200 fpm will be good landing

-200 fpm to -400 fpm will be satisfactory landing

-400 fpm to -600 fpm will be hard landing

  • Aircraft bounce is acceptable if touchdown remain within landing rate limits -600fpm.
  • Aircraft go-around after touchdown is acceptable if pilot provide satisfactory clarification including the METAR of destination airport.



  • After arrival, aircraft should be parked at gate/parking stand and engines to be off before stopping the logging procedure in smartCARS PIAv before submitting PIREP to PIAv. 


Alternative/Diversion Landing

Alternative / diversion landing is acceptable subject to following conditions:

  • vPilot performing flight ONLINE on VATSIM network with same CALLSIGN as per scheduled FLIGHT NUMBER in bid flight.
  • During approach to planned destination airport, due to Weather/visibility limitations or airport closure and unable to land; should execute missed approach on minimums or MDA or as per ATC directions in VATSIM controlled airspace.
  • Either peform 2nd attempt after 1st attempt or opt to hold for while so weather get improved or can opt to divert to planned alternative airport as per VATSIM flight plan ALTN airport.
  • After commencing landing and following the post landing SOP, can submit PIREP to PIAv for validation.
  • Before submitting PIREP to PIAv, ensure to copy & paste the METAR of planned destination which will help in understanding the situation at destination airport from where diversion was made.
  • Performing online flight will enable PIAv management to verify the planned alternative ALTN airport from filed flightplan at VATSIM.net and the flight trajectory from VATAWARE.com
  • After verification and validation of Flight Log, PIREP will be updated with accept/reject status and may ask the vPilot for further clairfication, if required.


Simulation / Acceleration Rate

  • PIAv discourages Simulation / Acceleration rate following the VATSIM policy, hence all flights are to be commenced at x1 simulation rate irrespective of flight endurance.




  • Stall should be recovered within 2 minutes without crashing.


Slew Mode

  • Slew mode is not allowed, even if mistakenly pressed slew mode key, PIREP will result in rejection.


Jump Seat (Supy Crew)

PIAV's real booking system allow you to utilize your salary for purchasing jump seat however, we have defined following SOP in this regard:

  • From Pakistani origin airport, you can utilize Jump seat option as per your like and subject to the aircraft availability either at Domestic or International station for flying next leg.
  • From International station, you are subject to utilize Jump seat option with approval from Flight Operations department i.e. Director Flight Operations dfo[at]piavirtual.org

Outstation Layover

While operating flight to any international station from Pakistan, vCrew can avail layover for maximum number of days stated before operating return leg back to Pakistan, however causing delay in operating return leg will result in disciplanary action by Flight Operations department.

  • Middle East upto 4 hrs or more flight time, max 2 days layover
  • Asia upto 6 hrs or more flight time, max 3 days layover
  • Europe & Far East Asia upto 8 hrs or more flight time, max 4 days layover
  • North America upto 12 hrs or more flight time, max 7 days layover

Aircraft/Equipment Substitute

At PIA Virtual, you can substitute following equipment with available add-ons, any other type used will result in rejection of PIREP:

  • Boeing 777-200ER - flyable with Boeing 777-200ER (B772) or Boeing 777-200LR (B77L) or Boeing 777-300ER (B77W) only
  • Boeing 777-200LR - flyable with Boeing 777-200ER (B772) or Boeing 777-200LR (B77L) or Boeing 777-300ER (B77W) only
  • Boeing 777-300ER - flyable with Boeing 777-200ER (B772) or Boeing 777-200LR (B77L) or Boeing 777-300ER (B77W) onlY
  • Airbus A320-200 - flyable with Airbus A320-200 (A320) only
  • ATR72-500 - flyable with ATR42-500 (AT42) or ATR72-500 (AT72) or Dash 8 Q400 (DH8D) only
  • ATR42-500 - flyable with ATR42-500 (AT42) or ATR72-500 (AT72) or Dash 8 Q400 (DH8D) only


PIAv management reserves the rights to change/revise the FLIGHT LOG POLICY defined herein, with or without any NOTAM notification.