Flight Operations Policy

All pilots ensure to follow the flight log policy without any exception while commencing a flight at PIA Virtual to get their PIREPs accepted rather than getting rejected:


Version 1.3 Last Update 26th Feb 2017 2335z




Trip Fuel










-1 fpm to -100 fpm will be greased / excellent landing

-100 fpm to -200 fpm will be good landing

-200 fpm to -400 fpm will be satisfactory landing

-400 fpm to -600 fpm will be hard landing




Alternative/Diversion Landing

Alternative / diversion landing is acceptable subject to following conditions:


Simulation / Acceleration Rate





Slew Mode


Jump Seat (Supy Crew)

PIAV's real booking system allow you to utilize your salary for purchasing jump seat however, we have defined following SOP in this regard:

Outstation Layover

While operating flight to any international station from Pakistan, vCrew can avail layover for maximum number of days stated before operating return leg back to Pakistan, however causing delay in operating return leg will result in disciplanary action by Flight Operations department.

Aircraft/Equipment Substitute

At PIA Virtual, you can substitute following equipment with available add-ons, any other type used will result in rejection of PIREP:


PIAv management reserves the rights to change/revise the FLIGHT LOG POLICY defined herein, with or without any NOTAM notification.